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Talking Merchandise Price Points and Popular Items with Toby Hancock

Toby Hancock from was kind enough to highlight ideas around price points and items expected to be good sellers for the upcoming season. If you’re looking for some ideas from a company that serves camps nationwide, then checkout this video.

Wednesday was the CCCA sectional at Wonderland in Wisconsin. When asking attending camps what sort of issues folks were encountering in retail operations, they mentioned having to constantly count merchandise and count the cash register money after a group, lost money, human error, returning money back to campers, lack of streamlining and overall cumbersome process. Relate to any of these items? One item I’ve heard pretty regularly is that most camp’s internet is usually good, but sometimes at the critical moment, is not. So, in addition to continued testing and refinement of the inventory system mentioned last time, we’ve been adding in offline access functionality. Offline access should address this issue of no internet or irregular internet.

At the sectional in Wonderland, another supplier that caught my attention at the conference was Uth Stuph. It was obvious that they were very camp focused, as well as had a high affinity to the CCCA audience.

With summer approaching, deadlines are starting to appear. For FunFangle, March 30th represents the cutoff for getting the best pricing for the summer season as the wristbands will be ordered in bulk for the best pricing.

Ugly Mugz and Campference

Camp convention season is in its final month and in my travels I’ve come across a few folks I’d like to share with you. The first is Ugly Mugz. They were my neighbor at a recent convention and they definitely had the most creative convention booth display! Check out this brief intro video about Ugly Mugz:

Earlier this week I attended the CAMPference event at Horseshoe Bay in Texas. There were a few notable vendors there if you’re looking for suppliers.

  • 413 Strengthgear is a great option if you’re looking for top notch customer service with Royleane and her company.
  • Tim Sharp with CC Creations is another solid choice and am indebted to him for referring me to CAMPference.
  • Lynn with Azarhia was new to CAMPference and was featuring cute athletic shorts and shirts for girls.
  • Brittany and Elena from A Finishing Touch had some nice travel cases and had a neat offering using sublimation to apply photos to blankets.

In FunFangle-land, we’ve been working feverishly to further enhance camp stores across the country by bringing desired features to completion before this summer. In particular, there’s been a lot of attention and effort put into making an inventory system. This includes being able to update inventory on hand, setup modifiers for items, tracking distinct inventory for modifier combinations, barcode scanner support, and being able to generate wholesale reporting of inventory on hand.

These features are all small steps forward in transforming the camp retail experience for campers and staff alike. I’ve been blessed to have partners who have been helping to refine the system to better serve these interests. On this note, I’m pleased to share that Clydehurst Ranch in Montana, Haven on the Rock in Wyoming and Hidden Acres in Iowa has joined Club FunFangle for this summer. It’s wonderful to join them in their work this summer.

Irises appeared in our neighbor’s yard the other day, summer is approaching. It’s hard to believe! Next week I’m headed to Wisconsin to attend the WI/IA/NB CCCA Sectional at Wonderland. If you’ll be there, then please stop by to say hello.


March 2018

This coming March, I’ll be traveling to five conferences to have the chance to meet with you. These are: C.A.M.Pference in Texas, the CA/VA sectional, the WI/IA/NE sectional at Wonderland, Tri-State in Atlantic City and the Northeast sectional in Jaffrey, NH.

This comes on the heels of already traveling to the YMCA Mid-America conference, the ACA Ohio regional event, the Mid-Atlantic CCCA sectional, the Mid-Atlantic ACA regional, the CCCA National Conference, the WAIC National event, the PCCCA national event and the LOM national event.

Over the past few months we’ve been hard at work putting in an inventory system, care packages, offline access, wristband functionality and printer support. These items have proven to be tough technical challenges and I’m looking forward to how they’ll increase the benefit to camp operations and experience.

Thanks CCCA!

Had a great time visiting and meeting with everyone at the CCCA sectionals. This year I was able to visit the Maryland, Alabama, Texas, Michigan and Idaho events. It was good to see that a lot of new folks were attending the conferences.

Mid-Atlantic CCCA Section 2017

I’m looking forward to attending the 2017 Mid-Atlantic CCCA section at Sandy Point. We’ll be there on the 25th at the vendor area collecting surveys on camps in the area and seeking to better understand their #1 challenge around managing kids spending money at camp.

Hope to see you there!

A New Service

Hello world! We’re excited to be on a journey toward launching a new service to serve camp directors looking to overcome camper money management woes.

If you have any comments on how we can make this even better, please be sure to contact us and let us know.