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Frequently Asked Questions.
Here are some common questions about FunFangle.

Are the wristbands waterproof?

Yes, the wristbands are waterproof and able to handle a few weeks or so of rough and tumble.

What if a camper loses their wristband?

With you summer delivery of wristbands, you will receive a few extras for lost wristband scenarios. If someone loses their wristband, then you can issue them a new one by pairing a new wristband with their account which will then dis-associate their old wristband from their account.

What if a camper runs out of money mid-week, will parents be notified?

Yes, parents will receive an alert for low balances. The notification email receive a link to the deposit page where a parent can easily replenish the account with additional funds.

Can a parent adjust the low balance alert threshold?

Yes, parents can configure the low balance alert threshold to any numeric value.

Does it work offline?

Yes the POS can work offline. It will need to be brought back to an internet connection once per day to synchronize with the cloud database.

Can I get to my inventory reports from anywhere?

Yes, the inventory data is located in the cloud and is easily accessible through the manager console.

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