HOAs, communities and clubs can easily setup simple time-slot based scheduling with FunFangle.


  • Time Slot Scheduling

    Let members reserve a specific timeslot

  • Capacity Limits

    Limit time slots by total quantities, or by household

  • Sliding Window

    Make time slots available incrementally

  • Quota Management

    Cap how many reservations a member can signup for per day or week.

  • Family Style Accounts

    Make reservations together as a family


  • Reservation Report

    Staff can view who has signed up for a time slot

  • Waivers

    Have members approve waivers electronically

  • Unlimited Users

    Have as many staff logins as you need

  • Friendly Support

    Our staff will answer your questions, even talk with you on the phone!

  • Managed Hosting

    We take care of the servers and IT stuff.

Short-Term Rentals

Guest self-management of short-term rental properties by property owners

  • Rental Guests

    Provide short-term guests access with auto expiration

  • Guest List

    Provide the gate guard an electronic guest list

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Our Commitment

The FunFangle team is here to make sure workouts still happens safely. We’re all adjusting to the new COVID-19 way of life. Let’s make the best of it together!