• Timeslot Signup

    Handle COVID scheduling like a pro. Set weekly recurring schedules.

  • Family Style

    Reservations are made as a group with selected household members.

  • Quota Management

    Cap how many reservations can be made in a time period. Different formulas available.

A reservation system built for a place like yours …

Our Commitment

The FunFangle team is here to make sure summertime fun still happens safely. We’re all adjusting to the new COVID-19 way of life. Let’s make the best of it together!


  • Log Attendance

    Lifeguards can view who has signed up for a time slot. On arrival, a member can be checked-in.

  • View Usage

    See over time how members are using your amenities and when

Reservation Quotas

  • Let the System Regulate Overuse

    Configure quotas and the system will regulate. Let the system be the bad guy.

  • Ensure Fairness and Maximize Utilization

    Use quotas to ensure everyone has an opportunity to reserve time. If space available, release quota restrictions just before the time starts.

Member Management

  • Less Paperwork

    Option to require your members to electronically sign a waiver

  • Handle Bad Behavior

    Restricts the ability for a member to make reservations if their account is not current, or in violation of rules.

Money Management

  • Convenient Online Payments

    Charge electronically for activities such as lap swims or classes

  • Cashless Spending Accounts

    Leave the wallet and dirty cash at home. Kids, and even grown-up kids, have their own spending account for the snack bar. Poolside bliss.

  • Any Device

    Use any device with a current web browser. Made to be accessible from a mobile, tablet or desktop device.

  • More?

    Yes, there's more goodness available! Request info below to learn specifics for your community​

Let’s work together so you can get back to what’s important