• Timeslot Signup

    Let members reserve a specific timeslot. Specify timeslot capacities.

  • Family Style

    Reservations are made as a group with selected household members.

  • Quota Management

    Cap how many reservations a member family can signup for in a week


  • Reservation Report

    Lifeguards can view who has signed up for a time slot

  • Arrival Alerts

    Parents will receive an alert when a lifeguard has marked a member as arrived

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Our Commitment

The FunFangle team is here to make sure summertime fun still happens safely. We’re all adjusting to the new COVID-19 way of life. Let’s make the best of it together!

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Member Fees

  • Balance Due Notice

    Restricts the ability for a member to make reservations if their account is not current.


Never again be without a spare dollar for the snackbar

  • Spending Accounts

    Kids, and even grown-up kids, have their own account. Peace of mind poolside.

  • Point of Sale

    iPad based, offline capable. Easily complete a sale with a few taps of a finger.