Season Passholders

Silicone Wristbands

Touch & Go

Family, friends, and guest groups all work up an appetite from time in the sun, on water rides and amusements. Now, the urge for munchie time can be satisfied right away, without having to go through the park to get money out of a locker, from the cabana, or out of mom or dad. FunFangle wristbands allow ease and the instant gratification of that swirl-cone ice cream that looks delicious or the fried dough that has filled the afternoon air. Touch & Go Spending Accounts will allow your customers to have a, what you want, when you want it, kind of day.

In FunFangle, the money is always available, tracked and secure. Each guest is issued a comfortable, tough, stretchy, silicone wristband that is linked to their account. The wristband is branded with your logo using single-color silk screening. Funds are placed into the account as a prepaid deposit, either in-person, online or as a transferred credit. At the time of purchase, the bangle is used to access the guest’s available funds to complete the sale.

Save your guests the worry of holding money, shuttling back to lockers or trying to find the wallet keeper. Provide parents the ability to see all their kids accounts in one family account, and designate specific funds per child. Empower parents with the ability to monitor, and make additional deposits to, their child’s spending account, all from the ease of their smartphone, whether enjoying the rides alongside or at the cabana poolside.

Next time, when your guest hears a concession item calling their name, the bracelet on their wrist will be their passage to self reward.

Dining Pass

As an alternative to a prepaid spending account balance, offer your seasonal passholder guests a dining pass, which is good for a set number of meals or as meal plan credits. A dining pass will allow guests to enjoy concessions as a predetermined and agreed upon plan of meal deals set by your waterpark.

For example, each day a seasonal passholder will be provided credits for one meal deal at lunch, one meal deal for dinner, and the option of two snacks anytime during the day. At checkout, the guest will tap their bangle to effortlessly charge their meal purchase against their dining pass credit, allowing a fuller seasonal pass holder experience.

Hotdog and Fries

House Accounts

Fully Automated
Priced Per Account
  • Enrollment Integration
  • Parent Portal
  • Refunds


Bangles with bucks
Priced Per Account
  • Everything with the House Accounts
  • Wristbands with Your Branding
  • RFID Wristbands
  • RFID Readers
  • Faster Checkout