Be the Inspirational Change Maker

Tech solutions just for your way of operating

Avoid hurt Feelings

Chaos in Communities is Bad for Relations

When it comes to community organizations, more people and more services can lead to operational mixups, misunderstandings and missed opportunities. 

Unaddressed situations can become extremely time consuming to untangle, resolve and reconcile.


Distributed stakeholders create coordination headaches that dash expectations.


It can all be sorted out. All you need is an extra 24 hours in the day to do so.

Missed Opportunities

It's what you'd be able to offer if you weren't spending so much time fighting fires.

Get your time back 
so you can do the meaningful work that inspires you.

Utilize efficient apps that facilitate interactions in your community, whether it be financial, people, or events.

43k People Served

$2.4MSales tracked

2016Was The Start

Patron Access

From the convenience of their various devices, allow patrons to self-manage without tying up your time and staff.

Operations Apps

Utilize the various apps to streamline your operational efficiency from the ease of a tablet. Even works offline!

Admin Console

Provide your back office staff with direct access to the reporting they need. Make changes on behalf of a patron.

Getting Started

Get a glimpse of how the system flows, and how it would look for your organization.

2. Walk Thru the Onboarding Checklist

Follow our self-service step-by-step guide to get configured with confidence, or schedule time with a member of our onboarding team to get you going.

3. Invite Your Community

Welcome your folks to participate with ease through email, with a link on your website, or other favorite form of communication medium.