Change a Life By Being The Inspiration

Discover a tech solution just for your camp's way of operating.

Stress Has No Home in Camp Life

At FunFangle, we know that you want to be an inspirational change maker. Operational failures can prevent access for campers from enjoying a beautiful afternoon, tie up staff for hours recovering from unnecessary work, and result in upset parents with unmet expectations.

Human Errors

Campers can excitedly rush staff into mistakes such as due to manual math mistakes at the camp store and other innocent, yet impactful mixups. Cue the puppy eyes and waterworks.

Lost Records

Keeping a paper log works for camper spending, daily dismissals, meds distribution, and nurse visits until the piece of paper goes missing. That’s usually when the parent inquiry comes in.

Missed Opportunities

Spending account balances at zero means lost revenue opportunities. It also might mean a concerned parent for their child missing out on what their camper had expected.

Walking In Your Moccasins

You'll be using apps and processes developed from our working closely with industry and operations experts. This tech system has helped tens of thousands of individuals successfully complete engagements across the United States and Canada

Operations are at their best when they aren't even a remote thought

on your patrons mind.

Matt Vahlberg

FunFangle Founder

Product Highlights

The tech solution is composed of a few components that are designed to work together for your desired operations outcome.

Parent & Guardian Access

From the convenience of their various devices, parents can access your organization's site. From here they'll be to access the various services, such as depositing camper funds, purchasing a care package, or filling out health information.

Operations Apps

Utilize the Attendance & Admissions app for departure control for a radio-less dismissal process and activity check-in. Use the Point-of-Sale app to ring up sales by cash, credit or with the convenience of a camper's spending account balance.

Admin Console

Provide your back office staff with direct access to the reporting they need. Perform functions on behalf of patrons as needed from the versatility of a web browser.

How It Works

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