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Operations Apps

  • Cashless Wristbands

    Use wristbands to ditch dirty cash and canteen cards. Avoid lost money woes. Accurately ring up sales with an easy to use point-of-sale app.

  • Electronic Attendance

    Reclaim the hours of merging paper attendance logs. Have at your fingertips whether a camper is still on-site.

  • Nurse Station

    Record camper medication distribution in the all-camp log immediately and electronically. Complete a paperless form for examine visits, for secure and long-term record keeping.

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Spending Accounts

  • Convenient Online Deposits

    Parents deposit funds online before camp, and can make mid-week deposits

  • Minimal Training Required

    Cashiers simply tap on the inventory items to select them for sale. Easy.

RFID Wristbands

  • Multiple Colors and Styles

    Select from a variety of wristband styles and colors

  • Logo Branding

    Make a nice keepsake for your campers with a custom branded wristband

Attendance Tracking

  • Roll Call

    Take attendance as campers arrive. Filter based on whether you're a transportation driver, counselor or the director

  • Rapid Pickup

    Facilitate the camp pickup routine. Confirm parent identities, handle early pickups, get kids out the door at the end of the day


  • Log Daily Meds

    Keep an electronic record of medicine distribution

  • Pre-screening Questions

    Have parents answer some questions prior to arrival


  • Inventory Reports

    View replenishment reports for your hot selling items.

  • Attendance Logs

    Know where a camper was last seen. Have an electronic record of who picked up a camper, and whether they are still here

  • Any Device

    Use any device with a current web browser. Made to be accessible from a mobile, tablet or desktop device.

  • More?

    Yes, there's more goodness available! Request info below to learn specifics for your community​

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