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Helpful camper spending account system built just for camps

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Helpful store credit system for camps. Using wristbands to track camper spending money relieves staff of bookkeeping and lost money drama. Now, campers gain convenient and secure access to that extra camp fun with FunFangle!

Lost Money Anguish

Children excited to participate in activities often lose cash taken from their bank account, causing stress for the child, counselor and parent.


Parental Transparency

Enhanced accountability of spending activity to parents soothing their anxiety over lack of awareness and control regarding their young child’s spending choices.

Funds Depleted

The young camper has overspent depriving him/her of additional activities near the end of camp. Parents want to provide guidance and means enjoy their camp experience.


Sticky Fingers

Counselors and staff are put into the role of mediator when one camper’s money is found in another’s possession.

Increased Camp Productivity and Revenues

The FunFangle opens the door for improvements, such as process streamlining and increased donor base. Instead of staff laboriously wasting time administering a manual ledger to track camper funds, they can invest in more valuable tasks. By eliminating lost funds drama and enabling parental awareness, the experience is magnified for campers, staff, and parents.

FunFangle Parent Portal

  • Add and adjust camper funds
  • Add a photo or a password for security
  • Set daily food spending limits
  • View transactions
  • Receive low balance alerts

FunFangle Point-of-Sale

  • Camper funds and photo can be added on-site at check-in time
  • Camper accounts will be accessed using a wristband. A picture of the camper will be presented for visual confirmation
  • Ability to withdraw cash such as for vending machines with limit per day
  • Multiple point-of-sale devices will auto-synchronize remaining camper funds

FunFangle Management Console

  • Produce transaction and inventory reports with ability to export reports in excel
  • Add, update, and remove inventory items for point-of-sale devices from website
  • Produce donations reports which show parents that donated remaining funds


$2/account /yr
  • Spending Account Tracking
  • Unlimited Point-of-Sale Locations
  • Inventory, Reports, Care Packages, Attendance
  • Includes Setup, Training, and Email/Phone-Based Support
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$5-7/account /yr
  • Packaged for no worries! Includes all the items in the “Magic” package, plus:
  • Wristband Scanner Hardware Included with Rapid Replacement
  • Replacement Wristbands. Additional Styles.
  • Priority Support
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* Pricing is based on actual usage. Additional hardware required and not included. Satisfaction guaranteed. Pre-summer discount offer ends March 31st.

Interested in a tailored quote? Request one today if you have special circumstances.

FunFangle made going cashless for our summer camp so easy. Their support team was very good at resolving any issues that came up. Parents don’t need to worry about kids losing their money. More importantly, they can track their kids purchases through their login allowing them to see how their camper is spending their time and they can reload their campers account if they are getting low on funds. The program is easy to use for both parents and staff and refunds happen with a click of a button. We are glad we made this move.

Jonathan VanScoter

Business Director, Berea (NH, USA)

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Starter Kit

Give it a try!
  • 10 spending accounts
  • 10 wristbands
  • 1 wristband scanner
  • Email/Phone support
  • Money back guarantee

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